SED-ML Web Tools

The SED-ML Web Tools is a dedicated web site for creating, editing, simulating and visualizing SED-ML documents. This makes it easy to share computational simulation experiments with all your colleagues, independently of what software tool they use to carry out their experiments. Supported model languages are SBML and CellML.
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Download Simulation results as CSV

It should be possible to download simulation results as CSV
fbergmann, 23.07.2011, 22:31
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run the "SteadyState Scan" example from the Web Tools home page.

This example seems to not work at present.
David, 29.05.2018, 02:43
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Edit SEDML without model

Currently it is not possible to edit a file when the models cannot be resolved. this needs to be fixed
Dagmar, 06.05.2013, 13:21
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about taking the logarithm of coordinate axes

Dear developer, it was not possible to set the y-axis to LogY='true' correctly. Therefore the command LogY='true' only sets the x-axis to a log-scale, but implementing LogX='true' changed nothing. Maybe you can fix the problem. Sincerely...
mWolfien, 06.05.2013, 15:32
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Release date of SED-ML webtools L1V2

Is there a specific release date of SED-ML webtools L1V2 for the online usage?
mWolfien, 18.12.2013, 12:37
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